Ariane Johnston Breen is a UK based photographer inspired by subject matters which are psychologically rooted. Her work explores themes of identity, femininity and sexuality, familial relationships, nurture and origin; all framed by an overriding awareness of mortality. Ariane's images sensitively render atmosphere and always strive to capture and contain that which is fleeting, transient and ineffable whilst indulging an underlying fascination with the fine line between the beautiful and the grotesque.

Photographing intuitively Ariane responds to the instinctive impulses of the subconscious, photographing all that she gravitates towards with inexplicable force. Working in this way Ariane has developed a visual vocabulary of the Symbolic; a means of communication that allows her to access and manifest the very basic, fundamental aspects of the human psyche. 

Don't Take Pictures, Phases Magazine, GUP Magazine, Brighton Photo Fringe 2016,  HOME Miniclick, Fe(mail) The Feminist Library 2016, Fine Art Photography Awards nominee 2016, Nosleguma Izstade 2013, One Eyed Jacks Gallery 2013, Untitled self-published 2013

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