Inherent to the photograph, as to desire and love, is the paradox and impossibility of grasping a body, the quest to close the gap between oneself and the other/image, and the inevitable distance, which always remains.

- Esther Teichmann, Mythologies. 

Continuing to work instinctively with a rich vocabulary of the Symbolic, She.Sea uses water to explore femininity in relation to loss and longing.

Rooted deep in our human consciousness is the archetypal image of the sea as a fertile and creative force. It is the environment which allowed and held for two-and-a-half billion years the very first life forms, whilst it is also intimately known to each of us as we first experience life in the amniotic bliss of our mother's womb. The sea also holds strong connections to the human psyche. The dark, primordial power and largely inaccessible territory of her deep sea abyss draws parallels to the human subconscious.

Regarding the sea and water as a maternal body the complexities and often dissonant nature of the mother-daughter relationship becomes central to the project, echoed in the image's constant oscillation between proximity and distance, closeness and alienation, identification and rejection.

She.Sea endeavours to reveal the unique feminine capacity for creation and unparalleled physical, emotional and spiritual closeness. For the artist personally, these essential elements of female experience result in an unrivalled awareness of mortality; what the artist believes to be the inherently paradoxical nature of femininity, within which creation and mortality are inextricably bound.  

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